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The Material Fantasy of the Book: Imaginations Beyond Print

March 11, 2022 on Zoom

Each year the University of Toronto’s Book History and Print Culture program hosts a graduate student colloquium. The colloquium is an annual event which invites graduate students, emerging scholars, independent scholars, and keynote speakers to bring a multidisciplinary approach to that year’s topic.

This year the colloquium will take place on Zoom on Friday March 11, 2022 (EST). Please visit this site for updates about the event.

This year we are proud to announce the colloquium topic, The Material Fantasy of the Book: Imaginations Beyond Print.

Albrecht Dürer
The Rhinoceros, 1515
The National Gallery of Art

In the sixteenth century, a written description that had circulated in a newsletter was the basis for Albrecht Dürer’s illustration Rhinoceros (1515). Dürer did not see the animal himself, but despite his errors the image was taken to be an accurate representation of a rhinoceros until the eighteenth century. The material engagement of different actors opens imaginative spaces and when printed matter is produced out of this space, it gives birth to an imaginative reality.

The book is a point of departure and an anchor for human imagination, remembrance, speculation, and experimentation. Books, pamphlets, printed matter, born digital objects, and cloud files circulate through communities and between individuals, changing perspectives, formulating opinions, and effectively re-shaping material reality.

To register for the Colloquium on March 11 please RSVP by emailing